• 87% of placements
    were relocated from 19 countries

  • 230+ hires since launching
    Aspexx in 2021

  • 98% retention rate
    across all clients







87% of placements
were relocated from 19 countries

230+ hires since launching
Aspexx in 2021

98% retention rate
across all clients

Pete is joint co-founder of aspexx. He has over 10+ years of recruitment experience within the rapidly expanding experience design, product and digital realms.

His unique style to talent management has made him a respected authority in the industry, delivering a personable and professional service to clients and candidates across Europe and the Middle East.

A pro on and off the slopes


Peter & Jack
Jack and Pete on their annual ski trip

Over his tenure, Peter has had the pleasure of partnering with many leading consultancies, studios, brands and disruptive start-ups to unearth and mentor new talent. He’s incredible passionate about the design space. Working closely with world class design teams that are building the most exciting experiences and products for customers fascinates him. He thrives of helping to connect the brightest minds in the industry and solving complex problems for fast growth companies through talent.

Pete started his career in the London markets as a UX and Digital recruiter, before making the leap and relocated to Dubai to conquer a new market and experiences. He has lived in Dubai for 7 years and successfully built his reputation as a key talent partner in the design and digital communities across the UAE and KSA.

Outside of work, Pete is a family man with two beautiful daughters. He has a love for travel, food, skiing, golf and fitness. One of his key values is ‘Growth’ and he is passionate about continuous learning and self-improvement. He loves challenges and will regularly be tackling gruelling fitness events.

One of my biggest learnings is the importance of travel, and therefore knowing multiple locations, groups and cultures. It’s what helps us find great people for our clients all around the world and inspires me to continue exploring & learning.

Why did he launch Aspexx?

Pete always wanted to build and run a business from ground up. Aspexx was the chance for him to really push himself outside of his comfort zone and elevate as a human.

He believed there was an opportunity for a niche talent consultancy within the design space in the Middle East and Europe. Truly being market experts and delivering an exceptional experience for every customer.


So far Pete’s journey building Aspexx Digital alongside Jack and the wider team has been a huge success! We’ve scaled our team by 300% and invested in our brand, website, social marketing and supported the regions best industry meetups, HCD Meetup and Terra:Form at EXPO 2020 to name a few.

He’s also the proud father of 2, and happily settled in Dubai as his main base.

Pete with his family
Pete with his family

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